How can I make my account more secure?


Confirmation email

Confirmation emails add an additional security layer to your account, especially on critical actions like sending cryptocurrencies or Fiat withdrawals.


We also offer DDOS protection and SSL encryption.

Please also note the following points:

  • Whitepaid will never ask you for your password
  • Please make sure that you always write from your registered email, otherwise we will not be allowed to make changes to your account
  • We manage the private keys for our users. Unfortunately, it is not possible to hand them over
  • Create a backup by securing both your logins. You can also print or save the QR code
  • Avoid using unknown PCs and public WIFI connections when logging in to your account


Buy Bitcoins with Credit Card

Popular Questions

Can American citizens buy cryptocurrency for a credit card?

Unfortunately NOT. Our company provides services for the purchase, storage and sale of cryptocurrency for a credit card only for Europeans. We constantly see work to expand the list of countries where we can provide services to our clients.

What do I need to do to buy a cryptocurrency for a credit card?

Everything is very simple. To buy cryptocurrency for a credit card you need to:

    Your data is encrypted, and we don’t keep any of your coins or money
    Submit your personal details. The more you add, the more you can buy
    Choose either bitcoin and the amount you want to buy

How quickly cryptocurrency is credited to my wallet after purchase?

We send cryptocurrency to your wallet instantly and automatically. After confirming 6 blocks in the blockchain, the entire amount will be credited to your wallet. The average time of enrollment is 30 minutes.

Do I need to pay a separate commission for a cryptocurrency transaction?

No, the transaction cost is already included in the purchase or sale price. If you transfer a cryptocurrency asset from your wallet in our payment system to another cryptocurrency wallet in another system, somm commission will be charged with the transfer amount

How to check the status of a cryptocurrency purchase?

In the purchase history you will see the transfer number. You can check the purchase status on site using this transfer number.

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